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Webbing Applications


As a trusted webbing supplier of specialty components, Arnold Webbing stocks a wide variety of material:

  • Polyester Webbing
  • – Textured Polyester Webbing
  • – Spun Polyester Webbing
  • Polypropylene Webbing
  • Cotton Webbing
  • – Others as required


With product innovation a key driver, Arnold Webbing services industries with end use products including:

  • Safety Webbing

Specially tested seat belt webbing to suit automotive seatbelts, child restraints, safety harnesses, wheelchair harnesses, forklift seatbelts and aviation seatbelts.

  • Military Webbing

Polyester webbing will meet the harsh conditions military backpacks, swags, gun straps and uniforms can be subjected to.

  • Bags and Canvas

Shade structures and sails are exposed to the elements and need the durability of polyester webbing. Similarly, bags and sacks will need to maintain structural integrity through years of use.

  • Trucking and Cargo Webbing

Our tie down straps made of polyester will keep truck liners in place and hold all cargo together where open loads are often the case for trucks and utes.

  • Equestrian and Saddlery

Whether for hobby or business, a range of yarns can be called upon for equestrian webbing uses.  Cotton webbing, spun polyester, texturized polyester and polypropylene webbing is used for rug straps, synthetic bridles and saddle blankets.

  • Marine and Yachting

Whether its polyester or polypropylene webbing for lifejackets, anchor loops, sail loops and boat covers, the webbing used will be exposed to moisture for long periods of time and webbing selected should consider this.

  • Mining & Industrial Webbing

Whether it’s earth moving, packaging or logistics, webbing needs to stand up to the daily wear and tear for reliability you can count on.

  • Pet Products

Webbing suitable for leads and collars for feisty Jack Russels or placid Persians.

  • Bedding and Furniture Webbing

Upholstery webbing, used for securing and finishing off mattresses, carpets, rugs or furniture.

  • Footwear, Fitness and Apparel

Cotton webbing, Texturized polyester and polypropylene webbing will suit work uniforms, fitness products, shoes or promotional apparel.